Creative pilot uses flight path to draw pictures and messages in the sky

For many people, air travel is a means of getting from A to B but one pilot has used the journey to let their creativity take flight.

A mystery pilot, only identified by registration number D-EFHN, navigates a private Robin DR400/180 Régent over Germany and uses its flight path to sketch a range of images.

On Friday, the plane sketched out a flower days after writing 'hello' in the sky,

The pilot loops the loop to say hello. Credit: Flightradar24

But this is not the first time pilot D-EFHN has got creative mid flight.

Flightradar 24 captured the moment the aircraft drew an intricate sketch of a plane and back in March it flew in the shape of a love heart.

Pilot D-EFHN even used the plane to draw a plane. Credit: Flightradar24
In March, the pilot drew a love heart over Germany. Credit: Flightradar24

The identity of the pilot remains a mystery but during the plane sketch, it is thought he or she marked the masterpiece with a signature or initials on the return journey.

The pilot may have signed the masterpiece on the return journey. Credit: Flightradar24
Could this be the air artist's signature? Credit: Flightradar24