KLM pilot suffers heart attack during runway taxi at Glasgow Airport

A pilot suffered a heart attack as he taxied an aircraft to the runway at Glasgow Airport.

The Dutch captain of the KLM plane, which had 128 people on board, became unwell as he was about to leave for Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

He was resuscitated by the crew with the help of an on-board passenger.

Firefighters at Glasgow Airport helped escort the pilot off the plane, which was taken back to the gate by the plane's co-pilot.

The Dutch national was later taken to the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank by ambulance crews.

The flight, which was scheduled to depart at around 5pm on Friday, was cancelled, and passengers onboard were re-booked on alternative flights.

A spokeswoman for KLM said: "During taxiing to the runway on this KLM flight to Amsterdam, the captain became unwell and the staff treated him with the help of a passenger. He was taken to hospital where his condition is stable."

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: "We took a call that a man was having a heart attack at Glasgow Airport. We attended the scene and arrived at 5.25pm."