Sam Quek becomes ninth person voted off I'm A Celebrity

Olympian Sam Quek has been voted off of I'm A Celebrity.

That means Joel Dommett, Scarlett Moffatt, and Adam Thomas are still in the Jungle and will battle it out for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle on Sunday night.

During Saturday's show, comedian Joel Dommett revealed his failed attempts at finding romance, saying that his work prevents him from meeting people and that his ideal partner would be "a nurse, Batman, or a stripper".

The comedian was talking with Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt, when he said that although he is quite popular, he struggles to find a girlfriend.

Joel Dommett said he has struggled to find romance Credit: ITV

He confided in Moffatt: "Being in here around all these people who are very happy in their relationships made me evaluate a lot of things and makes me feel a lot about what I want.

"I started dating someone before I came out here and am genuinely looking forward to seeing her again but the problem is that I immediately go away for work again.

"It's just really hard because I go, 'I really like you, see you in March'. It's hard to date a normal person who has a normal job."

Talking about how his hectic work schedule makes it difficult to date, he said: "I film during the day and pretty much gig every night, basically I need to date someone who does night-shifts like a nurse, or Batman or strippers.

"I dated a policewoman for a while and she was lovely, it's really fun dating a policewoman."

Scarlett Moffatt said she had wanted to do the Celebrity Cyclone for years Credit: ITV

After a double eviction on Friday night, the remaining four contestants took part in the Celebrity Cyclone challenge, where contestants are dressed as superheroes and blasted with a water cannon.

Moffatt said: "Anyone who knows me knows how much I bang on about this every year and now I'm going to be doing it in real life."

After the trial, which they all completed successfully, the four of them reflected on their time in the Jungle and how fun the trial was.

Moffatt said: "The cyclone was better than I ever could imagine and I'm not kidding I've literally imagined it for about ten years now.

"I'm so content with life."