Leicester striker Jamie Vardy speaks about 'sickening' sexual abuse revelations in football

Jamie Vardy has hit out at Eric Bristow's 'joke' of a comment. Credit: PA

Jamie Vardy said it has been "sickening" to learn of the details in football's child sex abuse scandal.

The number of professional and non-league clubs named in allegations of historic abuse passed to police has climbed to 55, according to the Observer.

England and Leicester striker Vardy has praised those who have spoken out and hopes the authorities investigating can now "get something done about it".

"It's sickening to know what's been going off and the ordeals the victims have been through and are still going through. It's not nice at all," Vardy told Good Morning Britain.

"To be honest with you we're lucky that some have come out and spoken about it so we can get something done about it."

Vardy also criticised former darts world champion Eric Bristow, who called footballers "wimps" in relation to the ongoing scandal.

Bristow was dropped by Sky Sports as a pundit before apologising for his comments, saying "it was worded wrong".

Vardy said: "It's just a joke of a comment. It's disgusting, if you think it's that easy.

"You've seen the ordeals that they've gone through, when they've spoken about it. It's obviously not been easy to come out and speak about it and to say something like that, especially a person in his position, is beyond a joke."