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ITV News investigates retailers' over packaging: Your photos

Retailers often use excessive packaging in deliveries. Credit: ITV News

Retailers using excessive packaging in deliveries is becoming an increasing environmental concern, especially over the Christmas period.

ITV News has investigated the overzealous use of bubble wrap, plastic casing and cardboard boxes and taken a look at the waste generated by this trend.

On the ITV News Facebook page, we asked you to send in pictures of examples of over packaging that you had received.

Here a few of the best examples of the worst offenders.

When we contacted the companies they told us they are fully committed to reducing packaging - and that tens of thousands of tons has already been removed and more will be in future.

Tiny little white box came in this big massive long box. Credit: Kerry Mochrie
Four boxes for an order placed at the same time. Credit: Emily Johnson
A poster in an unnecessarily large box. Credit: Rob Necrews
The tall brown box contains... a ukulele. Credit: Jane Pittard
Shoe laces delivered in an overlarge cardboard box. Credit: Amanda Harcourt
A mascara in bubble wrap and a box. Credit: Alice Fiske
A hand sanitizer in a large box Credit: Leah Hann
A pack of floristry wire in a huge cardboard box. Credit: Lucy Checkley
A jewellery box in a large cardboard box. Credit: Clare Duffy
A phone battery. Credit: Stacy Yvonne Adams
One party banner in a box with lots of protective plastic packaging. Credit: Becky Allatt
Lots of bubble wrap to protect a key ring (that was sent as a free promotional gift). Credit: Sadie Hannah Brodie
A dog's lead. Credit: Lynn Sergant
One black nail varnish in one big box. Credit: Victoria Mcgray
A lens filter the size of a 10p piece. Credit: Lynn Sergant

Have you received an over packaged parcel from a retailer? Join in the conversation and share your pictures over on ITV News Facebook page.