Jeremy Clarkson and co-stars' statues take their own Grand Tour through US and Sydney

Credit: Mark Metcalfe

Huge statues of Jeremy Clarkson and his Grand Tour co-presenters have been spotted on the move in an epic journey taking them from the west coast of the US to the Australian city of Sydney.

The Mount Rushmore style heads have been photographed by fans as they make they way around Sydney landmarks in recent days.

The motoring show's owner Amazon has been tight-lipped about their purpose but it is thought they are part of a publicity stunt.

Their presence is mysterious - but they are thought to be part of a publicity stunt. Credit: Mark Metcalfe
Get my best side: Fans in Sydney take photographs of the busts. Credit: Mark Metcalfe

The heads were first spotted in Seattle, Washington. It's understood that the show's promoters hoped to install them next to the city's iconic Space needle.

A post on the show's Twitter feed admitted that idea "didn't work out" and they were back on the move.

Shortly afterwards, they appeared in Sydney, Australia, touring beaches and landmarks including the Opera House.

It's not yet clear where they are headed, but truck containing other body parts including arms and legs have also reportedly been spotted.

Tough crowd: The statues get some unwanted attention from seagulls Credit: Mark Metcalfe