Ben Needham family insists: 'People do know what happened to him'

The fate of missing toddler Ben Needham is being kept a secret by people who know what happened, according to his family.

Police believe Ben, who went missing 25 years ago during a family holiday on the Greek island of Kos, died in a digger accident.

A three-week dig on the island by South Yorkshire Police this summer revealed 93 items of interest - including a toy car.

Officers concluded the 21-month-old had likely died on the day of his disappearance in July 1991, probably during a digger accident.

Now Ben's family has called for renewed pressure on the Greek authorities, insisting that people on the island know what became of him.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Ben's mother, Kerry, said: "We know for a fact that there are people on Kos that know what happened to Ben that day".

She added that witness statements given to South Yorkshire Police had backed up that belief.

"We have been assured by South Yorkshire Police that people do know. They do know. But they've lied", Ms Needham said.

Ben's mother, grandmother Christine and sister Leigh-Anna called for more pressure to be put onto the Greek authorities to help with the investigation.

His family accept that Ben is likely dead, although the official police investigation remains open.

Christine Needham said it was now about bringing home Ben's body.

"He deserves that. We're not asking for very much... It's time that somebody just gave us a bit of respect", she said.

South Yorkshire Police carried out a three-week dig this summer Credit: PA

Last month, Leigh-Anna Needham told GMB that the family remains hopeful of finding Ben.

"We've been stuck in limbo for 25 years. I don't think my grandparents can take much more of this", she said.

"It's absolutely destroyed my family and now I'm even more determined to find out what happened on that day".