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'Southern Fail': Commuters vent their anger over rail strike

Southern Railway passengers have taken to twitter over their journeys to work. Credit: ITV News / PA / Stephen James

Commuters have taken to social media to vent their frustration at the latest Southern Railway strike, which caused misery to thousands in Tuesday morning's rush hour.

The industrial action staged by Aslef members is over a long-running dispute with the rail company about driver-only trains.

One angry commuter mocked the 'bio' in Southern Railway's twitter account, which reads: 'We're here to help you with your journey needs 24 hours a day'.

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Another questioned why he pays £3,000 a year to travel with Southern, and said that he got to work on time for the first time in weeks - and got a seat - because he drove.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said on Tuesday that he didn't have the "power" to "order workers back to work", and one twitter user took to the social media site to seek the help of out-going US President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile another posted this picture, joking about the time spent waiting for a train in Brighton.

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