No end to suffering of Aleppo citizens as hopes for peace collapse

  • Video report by ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers in Aleppo

It was a day that started with the promise of peace in the besieged city of Aleppo.

But by the afternoon, a ceasefire and evacuation deal had collapsed and for ordinary Aleppans trapped inside the city, there seems no end in sight to their suffering.

Those made homeless by the fighting huddle around fires for warmth in a warehouse complex near Aleppo airport.

For thousands, and hundreds more that arrive daily, this is their home and they are forced to camp out on freezing floors, some with no shoes or warm clothing as temperatures drop below freezing.

Grown men shiver in the cold, so how are vulnerable babies supposed to survive?

Hundreds of families arrive at the camp every day. Credit: ITV News

One civilian told ITV News: "My grandson is orphaned, his father and mother were killed, we don't have anything to wear. We left everything behind to come here."

An injured man takes refuge in the camp. Credit: ITV News

The most vulnerable have been left with nothing and aid workers can't understand why.

Syrian aid worker Yara Abdalrapo said: "The people here are so sick and the weather is so cold, they can't handle it with this weather, they just need shelter."

Some families may never return to Aleppo. Credit: ITV News

Many of these families will never return to their homes.

And across the ravaged city, there is desolation that will take decades to rebuild.