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Prisoner who made threats to kill and have sex with corpses jailed for 45 years

Richard Ford Credit: SWNS

A prisoner who made threats to kill people and have sex with their corpses has been jailed for 45 years.

Richard Ford, 38, wrote in letters from his cell that he would kill a total of 10 people - including a judge, police officers and prison staff - once he was released from Nottingham Prison.

Judge Michael Heath imposed five consecutive nine year jail terms with a further five sentences of nine years to run concurrently.

He told Ford the "controversial" lengthy sentence was the only way he could protect the public.

Ford, who has spent most of the last 14 years in jail, was being held at HMP Nottingham last January when he passed a series of notes to prison officers that contained the threats.

He named several prison officers, a fellow inmate, a district judge, a police officer and a former partner.

Judge Heath said the case had caused him "very considerable anxiety".

You are plainly dangerous.You made it clear to a psychiatrist that you still want your victims to believe that you will harm them and also that you wish to harm them.

You say you don't feel that you can stop yourself from acting upon your sadistic urges.

Those urges are to kill and have sexual intercourse with the corpses of those whom you kill.

You have made it clear to me that you do not wish to be released from prison.

– Judge Heath