'Traces of explosives' found on EgyptAir crash victims

Traces of explosives have been found on the remains of victims from the crashed Egyptair Flight MS804, investigators have said.

The Egyptian Aviation Investigation Committee said the cause of the crash remains unknown and no militant group has claimed responsibility.

The Airbus A320 plunged into the eastern Mediterranean as it flew from Paris to Cairo on May 19.

All 66 people on board were killed.

Wreckage from the plane was found earlier this year. Credit: Reuters

In June, leaked flight data indicated a sensor had detected smoke in a lavatory as well as a fault in two of the plane's cockpit windows in the final moments of the flight.

Flight radar at the time appeared to suggest the plane - or part of it - suddenly swerved 90 degrees mid-air, then turned 360 in the opposite direction before plummeting 22,000ft and dropping off the screens.