Battle for Aleppo ends: ITV News reports from the city as rebels pull out after years of bloodshed

ITV News have reported from Aleppo on the collapse of the rebel-held east of the city and the subsequent stalled evacuation.

Correspondent Dan Rivers, news editor Jonathan Wald and cameraman Barnaby Green have recorded how thousands tried to flee the violence amid allegations of atrocities carried out by the regime.

Here are his reports from the last few days of the battle here:

December 16: The evacuation of Aleppo stalled just four hours after it began, possibly due to a clash between rebels fleeing Aleppo and pro-government militia fighters.

ITV News watched as a convoy carrying fleeing families, including 47 orphans, left the city but was forced to turn back.

December 15: Gunmen opened fire amid a rescue attempt by medical staff, sending children who thought they were about to be rescued running for cover.

On the final day of the siege of Aleppo, ITV News watched as thousands of civilians caught up in the conflict began to leave the city, while others in the Western Aleppo celebrated the regime's victory over the rebels.

December 14: President Bashar al-Assad's tanks unleashed a barrage on Eastern Aleppo as the battle for the city drew to its inevitable close.

ITV News recorded the attack, including the possible use of white phosphorous, and the humanitarian concerns surrounding the beginnings of the city's evacuation.

December 13: President Assad's men sense victory in the last few days of the battle for Aleppo, amid reports of atrocities.

ITV News spoke to Syrian soldiers and civilians in Western Aleppo about the accusations that war crimes were being carried out in the east of the city, but none would say a word against the regime.