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Is a Honey G/Snoop Dogg 'collab' on the way?

Could a Honey G and Snoop duet really happen? Credit: PA

Is a Honey G/Snoop Dogg duet on the way?

The X Factor rapper can now apparently count Snoop, 50 Cent and Calvin Harris as fans.

And as she prepares to release her first single, she hinted a "collab" with her idol could be on the cards.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Honey said: "It's been amazing getting attention from Snoop and 50 Cent.

"I've seen stuff in the press about them backing me - and Snoop saying he wants to do a collab."

Snoop reportedly said he would "drop whatever I have on to duet with Honey" if she reached the X Factor final.

But she failed to go through after losing out to boy band 5 After Midnight in the quarter finals.

Despite being booted off the show, Honey has now been signed to Simon Cowell's record label Syco.

Her first single, The Honey G Show, about growing up in north west London - or as she calls it North Weezy - is out on December 23.

Honey gets a hug from Dermot after being booted off the X Factor. Credit: ITV/X Factor

She has been called a gimmick act, but Honey - whose real name is Anna Georgette Gilford - said her act has been in creation for 16 years.

"Honey G was first given to me in year 2000, back in the days when I was a producer and a young DJ.

"One of my friends came up with the Honey G name. Basically, I've been Honey G for quite a long time and I've always aspired to be a rap artist.

"So yeah, I kind of feel like I've got music in my blood."

I say Honey, you say G. Credit: ITV/X Factor

Honey, 35, is never seen without her trademark sunglasses and baseball cap.

Asked if she is ever takes them off, Honey said only when she is in her flat.

And although it is part of her look, she revealed the hat "sometimes gives me a bit of a headache."

"But this is Honey G, and I'm hoping to be Honey G for the rest of my life now," she added.

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