Tina Hobley 'in shock' The Jump is returning for new series after her injuries last year

Tina Hobley is "in shock" that The Jump is returning to television, less than a year after she sustained a number of traumatic injuries while taking part.

The actress has only just come off crutches after injuries sustained on the show left her unable to drive or bathe herself.

Firmly denying rumours she may return to the show next year, the ex-Holby City star said: "The Jump is behind me and I will never do that show again.

"I'm still in shock that it's going again, but of course they will have learnt from all their mishaps and hopefully there won't be any more accidents.

"I'm very, very upset about not skiing for half-term with my children as I have been going for the last 30 years, and I am desperate to ski again.

"It has been a really tough year, I'm not going to deny that, but we're out the other side and I am hoping I won't be left with any long-term problems."

The mother-of-three, 45, who last week celebrated her 10-year anniversary with husband Oliver Wheeler, lives in the Cotswold with her children.

Because of the long battle with her injuries, she said she hasn't been "up to" planning her usual Christmas party this year.

But she will still have her "gang", including close friend Jeremy Clarkson, over on Boxing Day.