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Mark Zuckerberg reveals Morgan Freeman-voiced AI home assistant

  • Video report by ITV News Science Correspondent Alok Jha

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has created a personal artificial intelligence assistance to help with daily tasks around the house, from getting dressed to making breakfast.

Mr Zuckerberg posted a video on Facebook to demonstrate how the voice and text activated AI system he named Jarvis, after Iron Man's butler, worked around his home.

Voiced by Morgan Freeman, Jarvis is seen making toast, controlling lights and even picking out a fresh grey t-shirt for the CEO.

Mr Zuckerberg has spent about 100 hours programming Jarvis as a personal project in an attempt to help him understand AI better.

His Jarvis system is relatively simple in the world of artificial intelligence, but it's hoped that it will increase interest in getting more sophisticated technology developed.

Artificial Intelligence expert Dr Peter Bentley told ITV News: "We want more than just an intelligent remote control, we want an AI that understands us, understands our needs and maybe our moods."

Understanding people's moods means interrupting human faces, something Mr Zuckerberg admitted he found hard to do in his Jarvis system.

Recognising faces will be crucial for elderly people living alone in a smart home as it could monitor their safety and their health.