Berlin lorry attack: Who is Anis Amri?

Anis Amri Credit: PA

A man is being hunted by German police after a lorry ploughed into a Berlin Christmas market on Monday, killing 12 and injuring dozens more, but who is the suspect and what do we know about them so far?

  • Who is the suspect?

German police have named Tunisian Anis Amri as their suspect over the lorry attack and a £84,000 (€100,000) been offered for his arrest.

Documents belonging to Amri were found in the cab of the lorry which crashed into the Christmas market.

Germany's interior minister Thomas de Maiziere has said Amri is "a suspect, not necessarily the perpetrator" and that they "are still investigating in all directions".

He is thought to have entered Germany in July 2015 and applied for asylum, but his application was rejected in the summer and authorities deemed him a possible jihadi threat.

Authorities were not able to deport Amri as he did not have valid identity papers and Tunisia denied he was a citizen. Amri has evaded authorities since.

The wanted poster issued by German federal police on Wednesday. Credit: PA
  • Where does he live?

Amri was registered in west Germany, near the Dutch border, but he is said to have moved around the country regularly since February, living mostly in Berlin.

  • What is Amri's background?

Amri is a convicted criminal in both Tunisia and Italy.

Amri arrived in Italy as an illegal immigrant seven years ago, and while there he spent four years in prison accused of burning down a school, his father said.

On March 14, state prosecutors in Berlin launched an investigation against Amri after they received a tip from security agencies, who warned he might be planning a break-in to finance the purchase of automatic weapons for use in a possible future attack.

Surveillance found that Amri dealt drugs in a notorious Berlin park and was involved in a bar brawl, but no evidence was found to back-up the original warning.

The 24-year-old is known to have up to six aliases and three different nationalities.

Several images have been released by police of alias-using Anis Amri. Credit: PA
  • Is Amri suspected of having links to so-called Islamic State?

Although so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for Monday's attack, they did not identify Amri as the man witnesses saw fleeing from the truck, however they have described him as "a soldier of the Islamic State" who "carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting citizens of the Crusader coalition".

Amri is known to have links to a 33-year-old Iraqi man arrested last month who has been described as Germany's IS leader.