Search for British woman feared overboard during Queen Mary 2 cruise

The Queen Mary 2 pictured earlier this year in Sydney. Credit: Peterswald Hugh ABACA/PA Images

A search is underway for a 74-year-old British woman thought to have fallen overboard during a cruise on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner.

The woman was on a tour of the Caribbean which left New York on Thursday.

The cruise ship - the flagship ocean liner of the Cunard company - has turned back to help look for her.

The US Coast Guard is involved in the search, having launched a C-130 fixed wing plane and an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter to scour the sea.

Petty Officer David Micallef told the Press Association the woman was reported missing between 1am and 3am US time on Friday, (8pm to 10pm on Thursday, British time).

Mr Micallef said the ship was around 100 nautical miles south east of Atlantic City in New Jersey when the alarm was raised, and rescuers had been searching for her since first light.