Police footage shows people moving 50 traffic cones on dual carriageway to reopen closed lane

Two people were captured on CCTV moving 50 traffic cones from a dual carriageway to reopen a closed lane.

The police footage shows two people, one walking a dog, strolling along the B4100 moving the cones from the middle to the side of the road.

The incident happen in July, but Warwickshire police have only just released the footage as they launch a bid to find the individuals.

Police described the cone-movers' actions as "highly dangerous" that could have killed someone.

The footage shows little sign of roadworks, but Warwickshire County Council were due to finish works to improve the road layout between junction 12 of the M40 and the British Motor Museum near to Gaydon by summer 2016.

Work on the road improvement scheme had started in March 2015.

PC Catherine Morgan of Warwickshire Police said: "This was a highly dangerous act which endangered not only the two individuals involved but also other innocent road users.

Warwickshire County Council were due to finish works on junction 12 by summer 2016. Credit: Warwickshire Police

"The lane was closed for an extensive period whilst work was being carried out by highway employees. By removing these cones, a motorist could have unknowingly driven into a protected area and caused serious damage or even killed someone.

"Interfering with traffic equipment is a criminal offence which can lead to prosecution."