Household energy and insurance costs soar by £200

Households' annual energy and insurance costs have leapt by nearly £200 in the last year, according to a comparison website.

The combined cost of dual fuel energy, car insurance, and home insurance came to £2,216 on average, in 2016 - around £196 more than in 2015. analysed quotes on its website, and said car insurance saw the most dramatic price hike, with average premiums rising by nearly £97 to reach £691.

It said that the increase is due in part to recent rises in insurance premium tax.

Energy costs have jumped by just over £94, with the average annual bill now coming in at £1,383.

Home and contents insurance now stands at around £140, up by about £5 compared to 2015.

Simon McCulloch, director of, said: "This rise in the cost of bills is pretty devastating news for consumers who will inevitably be feeling significantly harder up as we go into 2017."

Average cost of bills for 2016 / 2015:

  • Energy: £1,383.59 / £1,289.36

  • Home: £140.58 / £135.46

  • Car: £691.85 / £595.06

  • Total: £2,216.02 / £2,019.88