'I cannot ever thank him enough', says mum whose IVF was paid for by George Michael

A woman who was able to have a baby after the late superstar George Michael paid for her IVF treatment has said she "cannot thank him enough".

Jo Maidment revealed she received a call from the Last Christmas singer's assistant two days after appearing on ITV's This Morning in 2010 to talk about her difficulties having a child.

His donation then meant she was able to give birth to her "miracle" child in 2012 following two rounds of the fertility treatment.

Jo with the late agony aunt Denise Robertson on This Morning in 2012.

Jo explained that, while the first cycle of IVF was unsuccessful, she had eggs frozen from the process and after a second try in 2012 gave birth to her daughter, Betsy.

Michael later congratulated her with flowers and a card, revealing that it was him who made the initial donation.

Jo said: "I cannot ever thank him enough for what he has done for me and my husband."

“It was a couple of days after we came home with Betsy and we had loads of cards and flowers.

"There was a massive bouquet of flowers that came and I read the card that said, ‘Congratulations to you both. Lots of love to Betsy. Love from Michelle [Michael's PA] and George Michael (AKA Anonymous) xx.'

"Me and my husband read it hundreds of times to believe it.”

Jo appeared on the programme in 2010 to discuss how she was denied the fertility treatment on the NHS because her partner already had a daughter.

Soon after an anonymous donor came forward to help pay for the IVF and it was revealed on Tuesday's programme "with his family's blessings" to be George Michael.

Jo told Phillip Schofield and Davina McCall: "I was home for two days and got a phone call from a PA saying a businessman would like to donate some money for one cycle of IVF for you.

"I didn’t believe it at first… And it took me a good few days to respond because that wasn’t what I came on the show for, I wanted to help other people in my position.

"But then we agreed to it, because [the PA Michelle] said it was what this particular man wanted.”

The pop icon died on Christmas Day at the age of 53. Credit: AP

Jo, who has donated her This Morning appearance fee to Childline added: "Betsy is now four and a half… I was really upset when I found out [George Michael had died] because I can never thank him personally and he never got to meet her.

"Betsy will know when she’s old enough.”

Since the Wham! star's death on Christmas Day, aged just 53, stories have emerged about anonymous generous donations he made to individuals and causes that moved him.