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Donald Campbell's death in Bluebird water-speed crash marked 50 years on

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

The daughter of Donald Campbell has laid flowers on Coniston Water to mark the 50th anniversary of his death.

Campbell was killed after his jet-powered boat Bluebird flipped over and disintegrated as he tried to set a new water-speed record.

As wreaths were laid at his memorial and at his graveside on Wednesday, tributes were paid to his bravery.

Donald Campbell died 50 years ago today Credit: PA

Fifty years ago today at Coniston Water, Campbell and Bluebird K7 were attempting to break the 300mph water-speed record.

His last words described the moment he lost control.

"I can't see anything. I've got the bows out. I'm going..." he said.

When Bluebird disintegrated and sank to the bottom of the lake, Campbell's teddy bear mascot floated to the surface.

His daughter Gina carried it at today's service.

Gina Campbell still has her father's teddy bear mascot Credit: PA

"It's really hard to describe one's emotions," she told ITV News.

"For me, the biggest one is humility. I'm just so proud to be my father's daughter and to have witnessed what he did in his life."

She added: "His life lives on through a lot of other people's imaginations and their own courage."

The wreckage of Bluebird was found in 2001 Credit: PA

Campbell's body and the wreckage of Bluebird were recovered from the depths of Coniston Water in 2001.

The Campbell family hope work to restore Bluebird will be completed next year, so the jet-powered craft can make one more journey before finding a permanent home in a museum.

Wreaths were laid at Campbell's grave 50 years on Credit: PA