Drivers face most expensive petrol prices in two years

Drivers heading to the pumps will be hit with the most expensive petrol prices in more than two years.

Motoring campaigners said the rise meant the cost of an average tank of fuel is around £10 more today than it was a year ago.

Government figures recorded the average prices of litre and petrol as:

Petrol and diesel prices rose by more than three pence per litre in the past four weeks alone after a sharp rise in the price of oil.

The 24% jump from $45 (£37) in mid-November to $56 (£46) by the end of December was sparked by a deal between Opec and other major oil producers to curb output.

The increase in fuel prices comes amid another annual rise in rail fares. Credit: PA

The rise in fuel costs come two days after outrage at a 2.3% average rise in rail fares in Britain that saw train firms accused of "pricing people off the railways".

Motoring campaigners warned the joint travel expenses could ultimately have a negative impact on employment levels.

The latest petrol and diesel figures were released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.