KFC chicken: Family made violently ill after being served raw and bloody meat

A family were left violently ill after they were served raw and bloodied chicken at KFC.

Susan Hamm, 65, made the "rare" trip to the takeaway on Monday with her grandsons James, 16, and Tyler, nine, only to wake up the next morning with stomach pains, cramps and diarrhoea.

Miss Hamm said she wants to make others aware of what happened as it could have had worse repercussions.

"I've seen pink chicken before but this was just bloody," she said. "I mean it wasn't just mildly under-cooked."

The family fell violently ill after eating this chicken from KFC. Credit: SWNS

"We were busy packing because we are moving house. I picked up a late lunch and came home and put it on plates.

"I'm a bit of a picker with my food so was pulling the chicken apart. I saw all the red and shrieked. I let the kids know and stopped them from eating it."

Miss Hamm was most anxious for James who has Hirschprungs Disease, which has resulted in him having only half of his bowel.

The manager of the branch in Crownhill, Plymouth, spoke to Mrs Hamm about her concerns, and she claims he told her he was confident in the hygiene of their establishment.

The KFC branch in Crownhill near Plymouth where the chicken was bought. Credit: Google street view

A KFC spokesperson said: "We're very surprised to see this, as we have strict procedures in place to ensure the quality and safety of our food.

"We've also not received any other similar customer complaints, making this very unusual."

The spokesperson added: "That said, we're really sorry for Sue's experience, so have been in touch with her and are investigating this urgently.

"We'd like to reassure customers that our Crownhill restaurant has the best possible five-star food hygiene rating from the Environmental Health Office."