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Women in India share sexual assault stories after New Year's Eve 'molestation'

A number of women were reportedly sexually assaulted in Bengaluru Credit: AP

Women in India are sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and assault online in a bid to stamp out the behaviour.

A Twitter campaign by Feminism in India (FIP) called on women to speak out about similar ordeals following reports of sexual assaults in Bengaluru, south India, during New Year's Eve celebrations.

Using the hashtag "YesAllWomen," hundreds of women have begun sharing their stories.

Introducing the campaign, FIP described the counter movement #NotAllMen as "disgusting".

FIP wrote: "Women, it's time to reclaim the narrative of #NotAllMen. Share stories of harassment/molestation & sexual violence with the #YesAllWomen."

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One woman told how she had been molested on a crowded bus, while another said she was groped while at a festival.

One woman claimed she had been stalked by college students.

Six men were reportedly detained by Indian police after allegations of mass molestation during the celebrations in Bengaluru on Saturday.

An estimated 60,000 people had gathered on two major roads in the centre of the city to celebrate.

Witnesses and local media reports said the crowd turned unruly and a number of women were sexually assaulted or harassed.

In recent months, a number of sexual assaults and gang rapes against women in India have made their way into the mainstream press.