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Monopoly fans given chance to change board game tokens

Monopoly enthusiasts can now vote for new tokens. Credit: PA

Board game fans rejoice! Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly have put the board game tokens to a public vote once again.

The eight standard pieces have been pitched against more than 50 new designs, including a hashtag, a winking face emoji, and a mobile phone.

Other tokens with a more traditional feel include a cowboy hat, cowboy boot, two different race car models, and a rotary phone.

The standard set of tokens now comprises of Hazel the cat, Scottie the dog, thimble, car, battleship, boot, hat, wheelbarrow.

Hazel the cat replaced the iron token in 2013. Credit: PA

The new vote follows a public vote taken in 2013, in which the public voted for Hazel the cat to replace the iron token which had been in the game since its inception.

Other choices on offer but rejected that year included a guitar, a helicopter, a diamond ring, and a robot.

The original six tokens in the popular board game were the thimble, top hat, iron, shoe, battleship and the cannon - which has now been retired.

  • To cast your vote, head to and choose the eight pieces you like