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British boy melts hearts after fish and chips flop on Spanish Junior Masterchef

A British boy has melted hearts in Spain while competing on Junior Masterchef after his fish and chips didn't quite go to plan.

Oscar Jefferson, aged nine, broke down in tears after he spilled the tartar sauce and his chips went "soggy and horrible".

He was comforted by one of the show's judges after he tearfully said he felt he had let his grandfather down.

His grandfather Michael, who lives in Warminster, Wiltshire, reassured him, saying: "Don't worry about it it's only cookery, it's not life and death, don't worry."

He told ITV News the main problem with his dish was he "went too slow" and spent too long checking the oil temperature.

He said his chips ended up "soggy and horrible" and his tartar sauce was spilled.

He said he realised halfway through cooking his dish that "something was going a bit wrong".

Oscar said: "I felt disappointed with myself, that I'd let my granddad down."

Oscar added: "But it's all good now."

Oscar was upset after he didn't have time to finish his dish Credit: RTVE

Oscar and his family moved to Spain two years ago and Oscar has quickly picked up the language - even asking the judges on the show to speak to him in Spanish.

Oscar, aged nine, told ITV News he would like to be a chef when he grows up, but if not "probably an astronaut".

His father said the show "had been a a great experience for the whole family" and said they had been "very warmly welcomed in Spain".

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Oscar also caught the attention of the British Ambassador to Spain Simon Manley who tweeted his praise.

The nine-year-old cooked the following night for the ambassador's guests alongside Spanish chef Marcos Morán, who runs the Hispania restaurant in the City of London.

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Support has poured in for Oscar, but he said he is happy about the experience and had a "great time".

He tweeted after the show to say the "show must go on" and it was an "unforgettable experience" and he feels at home in Spain with all of his Spanish friends.