Michael Gove says Donald Trump has 'soft spot' for Britain and praise for Angela Merkel

The UK stands to gain from a Donald Trump presidency because Britain has a "special place in his heart", Michael Gove has told ITV's Good Morning Britain.

The backbench MP and Times journalist secured the first UK interview with the US president-elect since the billionaire hotel tycoon won November's election.

Gove, who campaigned for Britain to Leave the European Union, said he expected the UK to benefit from doing business with Trump thanks to the American's British roots.

"His mum comes from Scotland," the former justice secretary said. "He has a soft spot for Scotland particularly but for Britain generally.

"That came through in the interview, that he wants to make sure that America and Britain have a strong business relationship.

"But he also wants to make sure Britain flourishes because we've got a special place in his heart."

Gove said the only way for politicians to work with Trump in the White House was to recognise he "looks at everything through the prism of business".

"He's a businessman," he said. "The important thing for any world leader dealing with Donald Trump is to think: 'How can I get a deal that suits us both?'"

Gove, who had never met Trump before, said he found him far warmer in person than the "aggressive" figure he had viewed him as from Twitter and press conferences.

Michael Gove said Donald Trump had 'very warm words' about Theresa May and was looking forward to meeting her. Credit: PA

He described the 70-year-old as "electric" and "charismatic" and said he had "honeyed words for almost everyone", including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Gove also confirmed Trump was "looking forward" to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May.

The former Cabinet member told Good Morning Britain he had only informed Number 10 about his interview with the incoming president after it had been conducted.