How this picture of lemons is helping to raise awareness of breast cancer

This picture of a dozen lemons is helping to raise awareness of breast cancer by providing a visual reference of symptoms women should be looking and feeling for.

The Know Your Lemons campaign was the brain child of designer Corrine Beaumont who lost both her grandmothers to breast cancer.

Ms Beaumont told ITV News she was compelled to come up with the design as many people found it breast cancer a difficult topic to talk about publicly.

She said: "The Know Your Lemons campaign is able to overcome these issues on a global scale because now for the first time ever we can show what symptoms look like without censorship."

The 12 lemons show a visual representation of the different signs of breast cancer, such as changes in skin texture or redness or heat.

One image shows an "invisible lump", the most common symptom of breast cancer. This is either a hard, movable lump that feels like a lemon pip, or a thick mass.

If women discover this symptom, or any of others represented by the lemons, they should seek medical attention.

The Know Your Lemons campaign is crucially accessible to everyone.

Ms Beaumont said: "It doesn't matter if you have a high literacy level; if you can't read you can still look at this image and save a life."

Jodi Wilson who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25, five and a half months after giving birth to her son, said she thought the lump she found while she was in the shower was "normal".

The box of lemons is designed to clear up this common confusion by providing a clear guide to the symptoms women should seek medical advice about.