American workers place their faith in Trump - but can he deliver?

Ahead of Friday's presidential inauguration, ITV News has travelled across the US to find out Americans' hopes and fears of a Donald Trump presidency.

In two short conversations on a rainy morning in Indiana, I was given a perfect insight into the enigma that is Donald Trump - and the level of expectation he's placed upon himself.

The first chat was was with a woman called Julie Meadows, she works on the assembly line at a factory in Indianapolis.

Last year, Julie was told that she'd lose her job because production was moving to Mexico.

But Donald Trump flew into town, lobbied her bosses, and the plans were quickly scrapped.

People in Indianapolis are finding it hard to cling onto the American dream.

Julie sees him as her saviour and she reckons this is just the start.

"I think it's awesome, he's proving he's looking out for the American people," she told me.

It's easy to see why Julie adores Mr Trump, and, she says, most of her colleagues feel the same.

But then I spoke to Chuck Jones, the leader of her union.

He's been around long enough to know a snake oil salesman when he sees one, and he reckons he's looking at one now.

"Trump doesn't care about the workers," he told me.

"He's spent millions preventing staff from forming unions at the hotels and casinos he owns, he moved a lot of his work abroad, so do I think he really cares about the average American worker? No, I don't".

Two sides of the same coin, pick which one you want to believe.

Donald Trump raised a lot of expectations with his mantra to "make America great again" and millions of people here are relying on him to live up to his word.