Jill Saward's twin sister pays emotional tribute at her funeral

The twin sister of victims' rights campaigner Jill Saward has paid an emotional tribute to her "life-saving" work as hundreds attended her funeral.

Ms Saward, who was the first rape victim to waive her anonymity and later became a sexual violence campaigner, died aged 51 on 5 January.

She had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Her sister Sue Lancaster told the packed cathedral the attack on her sister at the Ealing vicarage in 1986 "changed all our lives".

"I felt hurt over the years for all the publicity, but now I'm glad she did it because I know there are many people alive today because of what she did," she said.

Ms Salward's twin sister Sue Lancaster (centre) and other sister Rachel. Credit: PA

Mrs Lancaster's words caught in her throat as she recounted their last words, telling her "I'll talk to you soon", days before Mrs Saward's collapse.

"I did (talk to her) - but she couldn't respond. My Snij had gone."

Her sister added: "She's gone away too soon.

"She held the phone next to my mother's ear when she was dying, so I could say goodbye. Now I have to say it again."

Jill Saward's husband Gavin Drake, sons Fergus, Miles and Rory and niece Aleasha. Credit: PA

The service was told Ms Saward had a love of "unusual trousers", good music, the Tudors, Agatha Christie and Winston Churchill and had, her sister said, always lived the family motto to "Win Through".

She unsuccessfully ran for Parliament against the now Brexit Secretary David Davis in 2008.

During the service attended by about 250 mourners, the hymn Bread of Life - which Ms Saward said had helped her overcome her rape ordeal - was played.

The anthem You'll Never Walk Alone then played as self-proclaimed "Scouser" Ms Saward was carried from the cathedral followed by her grieving husband and sons Fergus, Myles and Rory.

Many of those attending had followed the family's invitation to wear purple, to make a statement against sexual violence.

Ms Saward's coffin is carried out as her husband and sons look on. Credit: PA