Nicola Sturgeon: Second Scottish independence referendum 'even more likely' after May's Brexit speech

A second Scottish independence referendum is "even more likely" after Theresa May's Brexit speech, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

The Scottish First Minister accused the prime minister of pursuing the "entirely the wrong direction for the country", as she blamed the "obsessions" of the Tory right wing for Mrs May's "hard Brexit approach".

Ms Sturgeon also said there was "no evidence" that "Scotland's interests and Scotland's voice" are "playing any part in the prime minister's decision-making process".

On Tuesday Mrs May outlined her 12 priorities for the government's Brexit negotiations - and revealed her plans for Britain to be a "truly global" trading nation cannot allow the UK to remain in the European single market.

When asked what the likelihood of a second independence referendum was following the prime minister's latest revelations on her Brexit vision, Ms Sturgeon said: "I already said it was highly likely. The prime minister today, I think, has made it even more likely.

"I've done my best and will continue to do my best to compromise. But for a compromise to work you have to have two willing partners willing to compromise. And so far it's only the Scottish government that has been prepared to compromise.

"If it comes down to Scotland being taken down a path that fundamentally changes the very nature of our country then I don't think that can be allowed to happen without the people of Scotland getting the opportunity to decide if that's what they want.

"Scotland didn't vote for the direction set out by the prime minister today. It's not in our interest, it would do real economic damage and it would threaten to change the very nature of the society that we are."