Trump adviser hopes for UK-US deal 'within first year'

An adviser to President-elect Donald Trump has said that the Americans are hoping for a trade deal within the "first six months or the first year of the Administration".

Anthony Scaramucci, an American financier and entrepreneur, told ITV News that he did not want to "exaggerate" the speed with which a deal can be struck.

But, he said Trump's team would want to arrange something between the US and the UK within the first year of his being in office.

The president-elect is "for fair, free trade", he said, to increase the flow of goods and services between the US and other countries.

Mr Scaramucci also said that the US would "take the steps necessary to make sure the UK is at the front of the line as opposed to the back of the line, on trade deals".

When ITV News pushed him for clarification on whether Britain would be number one in the queue, he said: "I don't want to say number one, but I think you're pretty close.

"We see the unique, special relationship bond and love that these countries and people have for each other."