Jeremy Corbyn: 'May plan is for bargain basement Brexit'

  • Video report by ITV News Polticial Correspondent Carl Dinnen

Jeremy Corbyn has accused Theresa May of proposing a "bargain basement" Brexit plan.

Following the prime minister's Brexit speech on Tuesday, the Labour leader warned her vision threatened to make Britain a "low-pay tax haven on the shores of Europe" and was "demeaning".

Mr Corbyn also criticised Mrs May for delivering her key Brexit speech away from the Commons, labeling her "not so much the Iron Lady as the Irony Lady" for "sidelining Parliament" while claiming to restore parliamentary democracy.

The prime minister defended her plan for Brexit, which includes a departure from the single market, saying that Mr Corbyn "doesn't have a clue."

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Corbyn said Mrs May had showed irony by "snubbing" Parliament on Tuesday as well as the Brexit Committee's recommendation to produce a White Paper on the issue.

"It's not so much the Iron Lady, as the Irony Lady," Mr Corbyn said.

He criticised Mrs May's demands that the EU agree a fair trade deal with Britain, describing them as threats.

During her speech on Tuesday, Mrs May made clear she was ready to walk away from a "punitive" deal, warning EU partners Britain could use low corporate taxes to attract business and investment from around the world if it could not strike a favourable trade deal with Europe.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Corbyn called on the PM to "stop her threat of a bargain basement Britain, a low-pay tax haven on the shores of Europe".

The Labour leader said: "It wouldn't necessarily damage the EU, but it would certainly damage this country - businesses, jobs and public services.

"She demeans herself and her office and our country's standing by making these kinds of threats."

May described Corbyn as 'not having a clue' Credit: HOC

But Mrs May stood up for her Brexit speech, which she said was a plan for a "global" Britain.

"I set out a plan that will put the divisions of last year behind us, that shows a vision for a stronger, fairer, more united, more outward-looking, prosperous, tolerant, independent and truly global Britain, "she said.

"It was a vision that will shape a stronger future and build a better Britain."

She was also critical of Mr Corbyn's ideas for Brexit negotiations, which she implied were hypocritical.

Jeremy Corbyn said May was the 'irony lady' Credit: PA

Mrs May reiterated that her plan was to bring prosperity and jobs to the UK.

But she said the "one thing" that would be bad for the economy was Mr Corbyn's ideas for a Britain post-Brexit.

"He wants a cap on wages, no control on immigration, and to borrow an extra £500 billion," she said.

"That wouldn't lead to prosperity. That would lead to no jobs, no wages and no skills."