The incoming White House press secretary has said President-elect Donald Trump's inaugural address will be "very personal and sincere" and "less of an agenda and more of a philosophical document."

Sean Spicer said: "[Mr. Trump] will discuss what it means to be an American and the challenges that we face as members of the middle class, they face."

"He'll talk about infrastructure and education, our manufacturing base."

"I think it is going to be less of an agenda and more of a philosophical document, a vision of where he sees the country."

Mr Spicer, who has been Communications Director of the Republican National Committee since 2011, told reporters to expect a busy first month and beyond after the handover of power.

When asked about the areas Mr Trump would tackle first, he said repealing Obamacare and tackling ISIS are on the top of their agenda.

Mr Spicer said: "The president-elect is continuing to get briefed on some of the orders he wants to do and the sequencing thereof.

"I think we've talked about that for a few months now. Obamacare, the fight against ISIS. He talked about immigration, key issues that have been important to him throughout the campaign that will continue to be important to him in this administration.

"He is committed to not just day one, but day two, day three of enacting an agenda of real change...

"I think you'll see some activity on both tomorrow, over the weekend and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. So, it's going to be a robust, not just day one, but I think first week, first month and probably first term."