Poppy Widdison death: Pair set to be sentenced

Two drug dealers who allowed a four-year-old girl to eat drugs - including heroin, methadone and ketamine for up to six months before her death - will be sentenced later today.

Michala Pyke, 38, fed her daughter Poppy Widdison the drugs as she was an "inconvenience" to her relationship with 40-year-old John Rytting, Hull Crown Court was told.

The toddler died in June 2013 after suffering a cardiac arrest in Mr Rytting's "squalid" home in Grimsby.

Flowers at the scene house where Poppy died in 2013. Credit: ITV News

A post-mortem examination could not determine a cause Poppy's death, but toxicology tests carried out on her blood and haid found she had been exposed to various drugs.

They also recorded the she had ingested heroin and methadone for a period of between two and six months prior to her death.

Both defendants will be sentenced for child cruelty by allowing Poppy to be accommodated in a house where controlled drugs were unsecured and within reach of the child.

They also face separate charges of possession, intent to supply and encouraging her to ingest prescription and/or controlled drugs.