David Haye has urged everyone to tune in for Chris Eubank Jr. v Renold Quinlan on ITV Box Office, claiming that Eubank Jr. "will go all the way" in the world of boxing.

Haye was speaking to ITV Sport as he announced the launch of 'Hayemaker Ringstar' – his own promotion company in partnership with Richard Schaefer, the ex-Golden Boy promotions chief executive.

After spending time with Eubank Jr. in Miami over the Christmas period, Haye believes the 27 year-old is even more exciting as a fighter than his father, Chris Eubank Sr, who became boxing royalty as a world champion on ITV in the 1990s.

Haye told ITV Sport:

“I think Eubank Jr. will go all way, I think he’s the real deal. I believe Eubank Jr. is a tremendous talent. If you were a fan of Chris Eubank Sr, his father, you’re definitely going to like Junior, because Junior is very much like his old man, but he throws way more punches. He’s actually got a lot more intensity about him as well.

"It sounds crazy but he’s like an upgraded version, a new age version of Chris Eubank Sr. He’s got amazing gears, his endurance is insane. He was out in Miami, I watched him sparring and the kid is a force to be reckoned with, he really is."

"If you’ve never seen this guy fight before, tune in and watch this guy fight because you want to be there when this guy wins his first title, so you can say: ‘yeah, I saw it live’. Make sure you buy that fight."

Registration for Chris Eubank Jr v Renold Quinlan is now open at itvboxoffice.co.uk.