Trump takes media to task over inauguration crowd size

Comments over the size of the inauguration crowd has left the president riled Credit: AP

This is Day Two. And what do we have?

Several million Americans on the streets of various cities protesting the Trump Administration.

We have the president at the CIA headquarters making statement so bizarre and vain that the former director has said it was a "despicable" performance.

And if that isn't enough for the first 36 hours, we now have a White House at war with the Washington press corps.

Breathtakingly, the issue wasn't some foreign policy crisis - Trump's spokesman is enraged that the press told the truth: That the inaugural crowds on Friday were small, in fact much smaller that Obama's in 2009.

What does it say that this is Trump's preoccupation on his first full day in the Oval Office?

What does it say that none of his advisers could tell Trump not to make a fool of his spokesman?

Just listen to this, and please tell me this is going to end well: