Milton Keynes is celebrating 50 years since was created in 1967 to alleviate housing shortages in London.

Here are some facts you may not have known about the "new town".

  • Till the cows come home

The famous cows have returned to their birthplace at Milton Keynes Museum. Credit: PA

Milton Keynes is famous for its Concrete Cows sculpture created by Canadian artist Liz Leyh in 1978 with the help of local school children.

It features three cows and calves constructed from scrap that were originally located at a site in Bancroft.

The Cows have subsequently been around moo-ved around and are currently homed at the MK Museum.

  • MK's Leaping Man

Olympic medallist Greg Rutherford. Credit: PA

Olympic long jumper Greg Rutherford grew up in Milton Keynes and still lives in the town's Woburn Sands area.

In 2014, a giant metal statue called the "Leaping Man" was erected in his honour near junction 13 of the M1.

  • Opening the doors to university

The Open University opened the doors to distance learning degrees. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The world’s first degree-awarding distance learning institution - the Open University - was established in Milton Keynes in 1969.

  • Cliff Richard skated around the town

In 1981, Cliff Richard donned a pair of roller skates and whizzed through the town's shopping centre for a music video for his hit single Wired for Sound.

  • Home to the UK’s first multiplex cinema

The Point in Milton Keynes was the UK's first multiplex cinema. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The UK's first multiplex cinema opened in Milton Keynes in 1985.

Wit 10 screens and state of the art technology, The Point was a cultural revolution. In recent years, the cinema struggled with keeping up with competition and closed its doors in 2015.

  • Keeping it green

One of the biggest misconceptions about Milton Keynes, which covers 119 square miles, is that it is a "concrete jungle".

In fact, it is 40% green space and no-one in the town is ever more than half a mile from green space, according to the Parks Trust.

  • Water works

One of Milton Keynes' many lakes Credit: ITV News Anglia

With 15 lakes and 11 miles of canals, Milton Keynes has more bridges than Venice and more shoreline than Jersey.

  • Round and round we go

One of the many roundabouts in Milton Keynes. Credit: Google Maps

roundabouts are situated in Milton Keynes

  • Home to the club formerly known as Wimbledon

Stadium MK is the home of the League One side MK Dons. Credit: PA

The 30,000 seater Stadium MK is home to the MK Dons Football Club, who were formerly known as Wimbledon FC.

The new club was formed after Wimbledon left south London to move around 50 miles north to Milton Keynes much to the displeasure of the majority of its fans in 2003.

  • Made in the MK

WD40, the so-called "motorist’s friend" is produced in Milton Keynes and reportedly only six people know the recipe, according to Milton Keynes Council.