Warning issued after photo shows man carrying child on frozen lake

People are being warned not to walk on ice, after a photograph emerged of a man carrying a child across a frozen lake.

The coastguard is now alerting people not to follow suit.

Keith Griffin, of HM Coastguard Happisburgh & Mundesley, took the photograph in Whitlingham Broad, Norwich.

He said the man was on "very thin ice" and if he had gone out further he could have fallen into deep water.

"If you fall through ice you don't normally came back up in the same position, so you could get stuck," he said.

With temperatures dropping and lows of - 6C in recent days, icy patches are being experienced across the country.

Although the team say they don't want to be "killjoys", they are warning the public not to take any risks, as ice can often be thinner than it seems.

The coastguard advises anyone who sees someone who has fallen through ice, should call 999 and not attempt to help them themselves.