American Muslim community worried about Trump travel ban

Protests have taken place across America over the so-called 'Muslim ban'. Credit: ITV News

American Muslims living in Detroit, Michigan have told ITV News how worried they are about US President Donald Trump's travel ban on people from Muslim-dominated countries.

The issue has caused division across the US and led to widespread protests at airports.

Some people in the suburban city of Dearborn, where an estimated 40% of its 98,000 population are Muslim, have said the ban is a necessary measure by Trump which will keep America safe from terrorism.

One resident said: "He's got supporters here. We appreciate him doing what he said he's going to do and that's why we put him in office because we believed that's what he was going to do for us."

But a Syrian woman who recently arrived in America and wants her children to be allowed to join her, is hoping that the travel restrictions will eventually be lifted.

She told ITV News: "I wish they would change the ban. My daughter and son are still in Syria and I fear I will never see them again."

Meanwhile Kassem Allie, executive administrator for the Islamic Centre of America in Dearborn, believes the introduction of the ban is divisive.

Mr Allie said: "As an American I feel less safe especially since our government, I believe, has not thought this out completely and has not assessed really what the implications are across the world."