Controversial state visit? The Queen's been here before

This is not the first time a state visit hosted by the Queen has dragged the monarch into politics.

There was the visit of Chinese President Xi in 2015.

And the King of Saudi Arabia in 2007.

Vladimir Putin was treated to such an occasion in 2003.

Vladimir Putin enjoyed a banquet at London's Spencer House in 2003. Credit: PA

As was Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in 1994.

Japan's wartime head of state, Emperor Hirohito, came in 1971 much to the anger of former British prisoners of war.

I could go on.

The point is the Queen conducts state visits on the advice of her government and it seems, with Donald Trump, nothing will change.

Japanese wartime leader Emperor Hirohito's state visit in 1971 caused great controversy. Credit: PA

The invitation was publicly announced by Theresa May at the press conference with President Trump in Washington last Friday but it was approved by Buckingham Palace beforehand.

The Queen's Private Secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, the most senior official in the royal household, sits on the Royal Visits Committee which approves all domestic visits and overseas tours.

Buckingham Palace has said nothing about this particular visit and the next time it plans to say anything about President Trump's invitation will be to announce the date.

Donald Trump's visit had been approved before his and Theresa May's joint press conference at the White House. Credit: PA

It could happen in early summer or the Autumn.

But given the controversy surrounding this one I'd put my money on it happening later in the year.

Donald Trump will come to the UK as the guest of the Queen in 2017 - her 110th state visit - and not the first one to attract controversy.

As a source put it to me: "The Queen has some experience of these matters."