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Lord Coe 'made aware' of Russia corruption claims

Sebastian Coe had received warnings. Credit: PA

Lord Coe was "made aware" of corruption allegations in athletics four months before they became public.

Newly released emails confirmed the president of the IAAF found about the Russian doping in August 2014.

In December 2015 Coe told a select committee he was unaware of the allegations of corruptions associated with Russia.

Lord Coe sent an email to the IAAF's ethics commission in August 2014, saying: "I have now been made aware of the allegations."

Lord Coe spoke to the committee in December 2015. Credit: PA

Lord Coe told Parliament in 2015: "I was certainly not aware of the specific allegations that had been made around the corruption of anti-doping processes in Russia."

Lord Coe rejects claims there is some sort of discrepancy between his evidence and what the communications say he knew.

MPs requested Lord Coe to speak to the committee once more following testimony from former athlete David Bedford to the Culture, Media and Sport select committee inquiry into doping in sport, which seemed to go against what Lord Coe had said.

So far the IAAF president has no been back to answer more questions from the committee but has now released the missing emails between himself and Michael Beloff, chair of the IAAF ethic commission

The committee published the emails on Tuesday, which now question what Lord Coe knew and when regarding the Russian corruption and doping.

Lord Coe could face more questions. Credit: PA

Lord Coe sent an email to Mr Beloff in August 2014, which said: "I have in the last couple of days received copied documentation of serious allegations being made by and on behalf of the Russian female athlete Shobukhova from David Bedford.

"I have spoken to David today on the phone and he advises me that he has shared this information with you. Should I forward this documentation to you?

"The purpose of this note is of course to advise you that I have now been made aware of the allegations...but would be grateful for your advice."