Labour's Owen Smith goes against voters over Brexit Bill

Labour MP Owen Smith voted against the Government's Brexit Bill Credit: Ben Birchall/PA

Labour MP Owen Smith has gone against voters in his constituency of Pontypridd and joined the ranks of the 47 Labour MPs who voted against the Government's Brexit Bill.

Despite his constituency voting to leave the EU during last year's referendum Smith said he "was standing by his convictions" by voting no to the Bill which will give the Prime Minister the power to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Explaining his decision to vote no Owen said: "I do not believe that the Brexit course we are now set on will make Britain a more prosperous, fairer, more equal, tolerant country. I believe, by contrast, that it will make our politics meaner, and it will make our country poorer."

However, not all Pontypridd's residents were happy with Owen's decision - especially as the constituency had voted to leave.

Video report by ITV Political Correspondent Libby Wiener.

It is not yet clear how Owen's decision to vote "in support of his convictions" will play out with his constituents but opinion already appears split.

Pontypridd resident Rachel Reeds told ITV: "I feel that we haven't really got an MP that will stand for us and I don't agree with the fact they go in to parliament, they say what they want to stay but they don't consider us."

While neighbour Mary Greenhill appeared to back the MP and said: "Why do they think we are going to be better off out of it than we are in it, I haven't had an answer to that - I don't know".