'Not enough detail' on Brexit strategy, say leave voters

The government outlined its Brexit strategy on Thursday Credit: PA

The Government's Brexit strategy - released in the wake of the Commons Brexit Bill vote - "does not have enough detail", according to residents of the town which had the highest 'leave vote' in the referendum.

Members of a walking club in the Lincolnshire town of Boston - where more than 75 per cent of constituents voted to leave the EU, told ITV News "there wasn't enough details" about when the UK would be leaving and they wanted the Brexit process to "hurry up".

Video report by ITV Political Correspondent Paul Brand.

Speaking as MP Hilary Benn, the head of the Brexit select committee, went to the town to canvas opinion about what leaving should look like one member of a local walking club said: "We haven't had time to get enough detail - there wasn't enough detail, there wan't enough detail when the referendum came in."

One thing that did seem to be agreed upon during the canvassing session though was that "immigration was the biggest problem" with people who had been in the meeting with Benn telling ITV it was a key issue in their canvassing session with the MP.