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Teacher inspires school with personalised handshakes for every student

A teacher in a US school is being praised for inspiring his students after creating individual handshakes for every member of his class.

Barry White Junior stands at the entrance of his classroom before the lesson begins and meets every child with a special greeting including high-fives, spins, foot-tapping, dance moves and fist bumps.

Mr White, who teaches literacy, told NBC News the aim of the individual handshakes is to build a rapport with the children and make them excited to be at school.

He said: "The most critical component is the relationship, the rapport you build with your students because sometimes it can go underrated or overlooked."

Mr White said he wants his students to be excited about school. Credit: NBC

The fifth-grade teacher said he got the idea from watching basketball legend Lebron James doing choreographed handshakes with his teammates before a game.

Mr White now has a handshake for every student he teaches in three classes as well as colleagues, volunteers and students in other grades.

He said: "I'm all about bringing joy to people's lives and inspiring others to do so, hopefully, everybody can start doing it in their classroom."

Watching each pupil greet Mr White and go through their personalised routine it's clear to see how happy the handshakes make them - even though it takes a while before the class starts.