MPs could force government to have final say on Brexit

The Government is expected to throw MPs a concession on parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit negotiations today.

Both Labour and potential Tory rebels tell me they think there will be some kind of commitment made during the debate on the Brexit Bill that will go some way towards agreeing to give Parliament regular updates.

Number 10 would rather the commitment is not attached to the Bill via an amendment.

"We think this should be a straightforward Bill," said the Prime Minister's official spokeswoman.

But a commitment on the floor of the Commons may be enough to keep rebels from voting with Labour to amend the Bill this evening.

MPs may get to vote on an amendment saying a Brexit deal cannot be finalised without parliament. Credit: PA

A more interesting challenge for the Government comes tomorrow when MPs will debate whether to force the Government into giving them a say on the final deal.

Today the Prime Minister's spokeswoman said the Government intended to give Parliament a binding vote "at the outcome of negotiations".

But tomorrow MPs may get to vote on an amendment which is slightly tougher, saying the deal can't be finalised without Parliament agreeing the terms.

The amazing thing is that none of this might be happening if Gina Miller and others hadn't won their argument in court, forcing the Government to take this process through Parliament.