Theresa May warns MPs not to 'obstruct' will of people on Brexit

Theresa May has warned MPs that they should not attempt to "obstruct" the people's will for Brexit as they prepare to debate legislation that will trigger the formal start of the exit process.

The Prime Minister warned off potential rebels within her own party as well as Labour and SNP members who are expected to table amendments to the short Brexit bill.

In an update to the Commons she said that MPs had already clearly backed Brexit by approving a bill that allowed her to trigger Article 50 .

She warned against amendments that could ensure Parliament gets a say on Brexit which could delay the legislation and put back the UK's exit date as the bill returns to the Commons for debates.

Mrs May also faced a challenge from the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, who accused her of needless cruelty to European nationals in the UK who are still waiting to hear if they will be allowed to stay on after Brexit.

He said: "This is not a question about Brexit. It’s a question about human rights, democracy and decency towards people who have lived and worked in this country. Many families here have children born here and we must guarantee their rights."

In response, Mrs May said that she wanted to provide reassurance as soon as possible but had to ensure that that Britons living abroad were equally protected.

This means that Britain taking a unilateral decision to guarantee EU nationals' status is "not the right way forward", she said.