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Man trapped in muddy bog for hours with just his nose above water

A man has been dragged to safety after being trapped for five hours in a boggy dam with just his eyes and nose above the water line.

Daniel Miller was - almost - up to his eyes in the bog Credit: 7 News

Daniel Miller, aged 45, was working in an excavator at the site in Charlotte Bay, in New South Wales, Australia, when it slipped and tumbled into the dam.

He was left trapped beneath the 3.5-tonne vehicle for hours before a neighbour heard his cries for help.

Firefighters had to pump water out of the dam before they could free him from the mud - and said if it had rained while he was trapped, he could have drowned.

Describing his experience, Miller said he was "determined to make it" for his family.

Emergency services had to pump water out of the dam Credit: 7 News
He was trapped in there for hours before being hauled to safety Credit: 7 News
His wife said it has been a 'legendary effort from a legendary man' Credit: 7 News

Posting to Facebook, his wife Saimaa said it had been a "legendary effort from a legendary man".

He was trapped... with only his nose and forehead out of the water, with the weight of his excavator on his back, and with the boggy dam ground below him slowly slipping away. For five hours.

It was literally sheer mental strength and determination to survive that got him through. As well as being fit, strong and healthy. Nothing to do with luck. Legendary effort from a legendary man.

– Saimaa Miller

She added: "Thank you friends, neighbours and workers for your incredible effort. We are so grateful for the community support."