Teenager rejected for waitress job 'with crying emoji'

A teenage girl has criticised a steak restaurant after they rejected her for a waitress job by sending a text message with a crying emoji.

Megan Dixon, 18, went for an interview at a new branch of Miller & Carter in Enderby, Leicester.

She was told she would receive an email within a few days telling her if she had got the job.

Miller & Carter is a steak house with branches all over the UK. Credit: Mitchells & Butlers

But within moments of leaving the interview, she received a text message saying: "It's a no".

When Megan asked for further feedback, she received a reply saying: "Just not engaging. And answers we're [sic] "like" basic."

The message ended with a crying emoji.

Megan received a crying emoji when she asked for interview feedback. Credit: Megan Dixon

Megan hit back, describing the manner of the rejection as "unprofessional".

Speaking to ITV News she said: "I'm really disappointed by Miller and Carter.

"Whether you're an employee or a customer you shouldn't be treated like that."

Miller & Carter has apologised for the text message. Credit: Mitchells & Butlers

A spokesperson for Miller & Carter told ITV News: “We can’t apologise enough to Megan.

"It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.

"However, we expect our team to act professionally at all times and to give constructive feedback after any interview via email.

"We are taking this extremely seriously and will be investigating to ensure it never happens again.”