Netflix faces backlash after posting trailer for new show 'Dear White People'

Netflix's trailer for its new comedy 'Dear White People' has been criticised. Credit: Netflix

Netflix has faced a fierce backlash after it released the trailer for its new comedy show 'Dear White People'.

The 30 second clip has been watched more than 3.6m times on YouTube and has received more than 358,000 dislikes as well as over 46,000 likes.

Several people on Twitter said they had cancelled their subscription to the service after the trailer was released, and accused the entertainment company of promoting racism.

Netflix's new series is based on the film 'Dear White People'. Credit: Netflix

The series is based on the film 'Dear White People', which was released in 2014 following a crowdfunding campaign by director and screenwriter Justin Simien, and won a Sundance Film award as well as critical acclaim.

The movie looks at the racial tensions at a prestigious Ivy League college.

It focuses on the experience of bi-racial activist Samantha 'Sam' White who causes a stir with her views on the white students and their interactions with their black counterparts.

In the Netflix trailer, Sam is using her radio show to inform white students that wearing 'blackface' during Halloween is offensive.

Sam says: "Dear white people. Here’s a list of acceptable Halloween costumes: pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 presidents. Top of the list of unacceptable costumes: me."

Since the trailer was posted various people and groups, including members of the alt-right movement in America, have said it is racist and urged people to boycott Netflix.

But others claimed anyone who is critical of the satirical show is missing the point.

Netflix has not commented on the controversy or on how many people have cancelled their subscription since the trailer was posted on Wednesday.

The show, which will consist of 10 episodes, has not yet been given a release date.